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Further Proof That My Dog Is Really a Cat
This weekend, we walked downtown with cobalt_00 and argh128 to get gelato. cobalt_00 and argh128 got dinner, too, since they'd spent hours building a new cat tree and hadn't managed to find time to eat yet.

On the way back, we stopped in at their place for a few minutes.

An 80-pound dog folded neatly into the bottom level of a carpeted cat tree.

Cat in a dog suit, I swear. Needs levers to work the legs, which explains why he trips over them sometimes.

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Perhaps it draws anyone that's ~orange, regardless of species? Good thing the only ginger I know lives in Santa Cruz.

nice cat tree. I recently built one too for the kittons. fun!

I would use a cat tree if it came in my size. I like being up high. I rather miss my bunk bed.

Suddenly your fondness for the floating house makes more sense! :) Perhaps on your next house you'll just build a set of handholds to reach the second floor instead of stairs. Laundry would suck, but you could rig up a pulley system to deal with that.
Ok, I lie. Getting any furniture upstairs would suck. A lot. Maybe this is a bad plan.

Ooh! A climbing wall to get up, and a fireman's pole to get down, and a dumbwaiter for laundry and stuff! It would be awesome! For about 30 seconds, before practicality kicks in!

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