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The End of an Era
Tethys passed away this morning.

It was not particularly dramatic. She was about three years old and ill, so she'd been moving slower and slower over the last few months, and this morning she stopped.

It feels weird not having a rat in the house. My ecology is insufficiently complex. :(

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oh, I am sorry. poor little creature...

She was the last rat in the house?!

She was. I deal pretty well with the lifespan issue, but Cathy was getting kind of depressed about it, so we're off the rat treadmill for a while. (Also, getting rats that actually want to be out of the cage enough playtime with the dog around could be a little tricky.)

We're planning to hang on to the cage, though, since we figure we probably won't be off rats forever. They do make excellent kids' pets....

I'm sorry. Rats are such good little friends.

Three years is impressive, so whatever you did worked pretty well.

Yeah, we had a couple really good runs. (Harlan Teklad lab blocks, that's my suggestion. And an experienced rat vet.)

Sorry to hear about your loss - even when it's expected, and smooth, it's still upsetting.

Condolences. I know so well how great they are & how hard it is when they die. Three is a great age, but it's always far too soon.

Oh, I'm sorry. It sounds like she had a good long run, and you took the best care of her you could. That's all any friend can ask.

:( I'm sorry. I know you knew this was coming, but it's still sad.

I'm sorry. Rats are such cheerful little animals. It's a shame they don't last longer.

Ouch. (hug). Sad for more reasons than one.

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