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Mythological Creatures

We have determined, over the course of the past year, that two chickens just don't produce quite as many eggs as we tend to go through.

Introducing... Dragon and Phoenix!

Two fluffy little chicks in a cage.

That's Dragon in the front, and Phoenix in the back checking the temperature. (I had to do some running around to get a strong enough bulb [and a lamp rated for that many watts], because what I remembered from last year was insufficient. I should take notes for next time.)

Dragon's a Brown Leghorn, and Phoenix is a Rhode Island Red.

Phoenix seems a bit camera-shy but very into exploring the cage. After they'd warmed up a bit and had some food (I moved the dish over to where they were pecking, because they were starting to eat the bedding and I don't want them thinking that's food), she went off and located the water while Dragon fell asleep in the food bowl.

A chipmunk-colored chick sacked out in the food bowl, which is just about her size.

Introducing chickens is a bit tricky, and it's strongly recommended to wait until they're all about the same size. These guys will be in with the heat lamp for a little over a month, and big enough to defend themselves against Norska and Teckla in about four months. That three-month gap in between is going to be a bit awkward -- my plan is to put the little guys in the old dog crate in the run, and let each pair alternate days out in the run until they're used to each other, but I may see about rigging some additional temporary space when the time comes.

Galen is unimpressed.
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