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Mythological Creatures
We have determined, over the course of the past year, that two chickens just don't produce quite as many eggs as we tend to go through.

Introducing... Dragon and Phoenix!

Two fluffy little chicks in a cage.

That's Dragon in the front, and Phoenix in the back checking the temperature. (I had to do some running around to get a strong enough bulb [and a lamp rated for that many watts], because what I remembered from last year was insufficient. I should take notes for next time.)

Dragon's a Brown Leghorn, and Phoenix is a Rhode Island Red.

Phoenix seems a bit camera-shy but very into exploring the cage. After they'd warmed up a bit and had some food (I moved the dish over to where they were pecking, because they were starting to eat the bedding and I don't want them thinking that's food), she went off and located the water while Dragon fell asleep in the food bowl.

A chipmunk-colored chick sacked out in the food bowl, which is just about her size.

Introducing chickens is a bit tricky, and it's strongly recommended to wait until they're all about the same size. These guys will be in with the heat lamp for a little over a month, and big enough to defend themselves against Norska and Teckla in about four months. That three-month gap in between is going to be a bit awkward -- my plan is to put the little guys in the old dog crate in the run, and let each pair alternate days out in the run until they're used to each other, but I may see about rigging some additional temporary space when the time comes.

Galen is unimpressed.

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(Deleted comment)
What have you been doing with the quail eggs, since the tegus aren't around to eat them?

Awww. :-) And I like that Phoenix is double checking your work. :-)

Yep, Galen's seen this before. :) Any reason that you got different varieties this time around? I'm guessing these two may be better egg producers, given the impetus for acquiring them.

They're all pretty good egg producers (not all breeds of chickens, but all the ones I have). I like having nice distinct-looking chickens, so these were two breeds that were on my that-looks-good list that happened to already be in the order from the store. Worked out well. :)

The funny part is that apparently when Galen heard the peeping he went into the library to look for the chickens, which is where we had them last year, and got all confused when he couldn't find them. (They're across the hall in the laundry room now.)

ha -- just last week, someone was trying to sell me on owning chickens at a dinner party. I'd love to, but I don't have any space at all right now outdoors. I have to admit that they're cute tho!

I squee'ed when I saw the photos. Chris can attest to this. :)

I really love Dragon's markings/coloration. (Also, the names! Lol)

I really love Dragon's markings/coloration.

Yeah, that chipmunk pattern is adorable. It's a shame they grow out of their chick fluff so fast!

(Also, the names! Lol)

Heh. :) I wanted to keep the pattern going, but I figured they didn't all need to end in A.

My Theory, the three times I've had chickens, has been that keeping one or two chickens is just about as much trouble as keeping six (the maximum allowed in my uban Residential Zone), and there's never any problem getting rid of surplus eggs, so I night as well try for one each of as many varieties as practical. (But then, the additional feed needed has never been beyond my budget.) Unfortunately, after a few years, one needs to confront the problem of what to do with hens that have ceased to lay eggs. To me, converting them into stew is not an option.

Yup, that seems like a fairly accurate theory. Part of the reason I didn't start with 4 (the legal limit here) is that I don't think stew is an option either, and having 4 birds hit too old to lay all at once seemed problematic. Having 4 birds hit too old to lay 1 year apart is not that much less problematic, really, but I guess I'll deal with it when I deal with it. Did you find a good solution?

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