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New Year's Vague Intentions Report
Let's take a look at those not-resolutions, hm?

1. Take more photos.

Not so far. This would probably go better if I did something more defined, like a picture-a-day challenge, but I don't particularly want to be taking photos-for-the-sake-of-photos, I just want to remember to bring my camera when we go hiking or whatever. Okay, specific plan: Bring camera to Save the Bay event Saturday.

2. Use my vacation time for more three-day weekends.

This one I defined: at least one three-day weekend every month. January and February both have company holidays in them, so I didn't actually have to use vacation time to meet that goal so far. The half-day off exploring the city worked very well, and I'll have to do that again. Regularly. I have vacation time lined up around next weekend for FOGcon, so that's March taken care of, but I have yet to reserve a day off in April. Do you have any suggestions for awesome events I should plan around?

3. Go camping.

Not yet, but I intend to introduce the dog to the tent this month, probably this weekend if chinders remembers and one of us reminds the other at some time when we both feel like futzing with it.

4. Get back into the piano habit.

Kind of. I've been playing a few times a week.

5. Work through how-to-compose book.

I'm on chapter 2! It's fun, and actually surprisingly tiring. Whee, focused brainpower.

6. Travel more, locally.

Well, I had a half-day poking around SF, and last weekend chinders and I took the dog around the Palo Alto Baylands. And there was kayaking before that. So not bad so far. Perhaps I will plan some exploring for my April long weekend(s).

7. More one-on-one or small-group time with friends.

If I'd defined "more", I could maybe declare a success here on some kind of technicality. Likely a technicality involving rock climbing, but that doesn't really seem like it ought to count. Maybe I should set a goal -- lunch or equivalently chatty time period with non-family at least once a week. Is that too ambitious? Am I going to explode of introvert-needs-alone-time or feel bad when schedule flail happens? Maybe I will try it for March and see what happens; I have plans that will fulfill this for this weekend and next weekend already (assuming lack of schedule flail).

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7. Eli and I are generally available for lunches. If it's nice and we plan ahead of time we can "picnic" at one of the parks with baby swings. :-)

That sounds very pleasant. Which parks have baby swings?

Mercy-Bush (Close to me) and Eagle are our go-to spots. Rengstorff does as well as Cuesta. There is also a tiny one not far from Mercy-Bush that I've not gone to that seems to be specifically a toddler park.

If we're meeting and Galen is joining you Eagle or Rengstorff are probably the better bets.

You could do a picture a week. Since you seem to work better with defined goals but don't want pictures sake you could carry your camera about more and aim for posting one good picture a week. That way it's not just pictures for pictures, but has a goal in there.

Hm, yeah, that might be a good compromise to get me more in the habit of bringing the thing when I'm doing something potentially photogenic.

yes, that would be a good way to increase photo taking.

my goals for this month are pretty simple - track spending to the penny and exercise 15 min every day. I find that trackable things with visible benefits make me feel good.

hmmm... introvert needs vs. socializing... that is an interesting question, I might start with one thing a month, maybe coffee or lunch or... maybe see if someone wants to go with you and Galen to the dog park? That's a good way to visit, do something, and include Mr. Galen.

For more on introversion vs. socializing, see this three-year-old post! (Three years? Good lord. Where does the time go, and can I get it back?)

One thing a month would definitely not be "more" (or enough). One thing a week is probably not much more than the average lately (if parties and such are included), but defining it as a minimum goal would definitely bring the average up.

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