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Ants in the Pantry
They're in the walls.

I had plans for the morning other than pitched battle.

So much for planning.

Update, 2:53 p.m.: Found a line across the garage floor. This is excellent news, as it means that they are probably not nesting in the walls, just passing through them, and if I can wipe out the trail through the garage and across the front of the house, I can have this fight somewhere other than the pantry.

This is something I miss about the floating house -- very few insect problems.

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:( We've had to siege ours, with regular replacement of the poisonous baits. I'm sorry you're under attack.

I usually do well with the three-pronged strategy of:

1. Make sure there's nothing for them to eat near the entry point.
2. Kill all visible scouts individually, with extreme prejudice and a spray bottle, every few hours.
3. Wait for them to give up and go away.

But this is a very hard strategy to follow when they're coming into the house inside the main food storage facility.

Does your spray bottle contain Agent Orange Orange Guard? I loooove that stuff.

For the mostly-prevention strategy, it doesn't really matter what's in the bottle, since the idea is just to keep them from establishing trails.

My current spray bottle has Orange Guard. Not very much Orange Guard, after the Defend the House Two-Minute Ant Hate just now. Perhaps I should have bought both of the bottles the hardware store had left.

I must remember to apply this stuff around the foundation prophylactically next year. It is quite lovely.

Oh, gross. That's no good at all.

(Deleted comment)
Heh. Yes, that is definitely an advantage of Real Winter.

No fun! Good luck getting rid of them easily.

There was a floating house? (My condolences on your ant problem. But--floating house!)

By floating, she means a second-story house we were renting with no first story underneath, as it was taken up by a triple carport for our house and the two side units, plus some storage closets (so not completely floaty).

Not quite as exciting as I thought, then, but still nifty.

You might consider setting up a schedule with a pest control company. We get monthly visits from an organic pest control service. They do outside treatment and come back for no extra charge to do indoor work if/when we need it.

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