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Hey, guess what I'm doing the second weekend in March? This!

If you were dithering about whether to go, or only heard of it just now, you can take that as encouragement.

If you are going, we should make plans for dinner or something. Or at least wave enthusiastically. :)

(Also, I biked 18 miles today. I'm not proud. Or tired. Wait, no, those are both lies.)

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From the frozen wilds of Ottawa, I will envy you horribly.

I should be there Saturday night and Sunday, so I'll miss the alt.polyflock but will probably see you around. And congrats on the biking!

I have failed to connect you to a face. Did we not in fact run into each other, or did I just not realize it was you?

Now that LiveJournal is finally sending out comment/reply notifications, I will say: Arrrgh, when I read your FOGcon was awesome! post I realized that actually you had been at four out of the five panels I went to! I've already made one gaffe in terms of misremembering who else was at a panel, but if I try to picture things, at the "We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This" panel, were you maybe sitting in the middle of the room just to the left of the aisle, whereas I* was sitting in the middle of the room just to the right of the aisle and maybe a row further forward?

*As to what I look like, this was one of those less-common situations where saying "I'm easy to recognize because I have pink/purple hair" would only narrow it down to at least three people instead of just me. On the day of that panel I also had a black T-shirt with a design of a green dragon reading a book, green leggings, black and white boots, and a big black backpack covered with pins.

Edited at 2011-03-21 01:44 am (UTC)

I think that's about where I was at that panel, yeah. Ships that pass in the night!

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