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Saving the Bay, One Tiny Plant at a Time
red river hog
I am signed up for planting and/or weeding with Save the Bay in the Palo Alto Baylands February 19, March 5, and April 2.

It's more fun with people to talk to! I'll talk to you if you'll talk to me.
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(Deleted comment)
::twist twist twist::

I'll try to remember to do that again closer to the date.

Ok, I signed up for Feb 19th :) March 5th is a maybe. April 2 is right out - there's a concert I really want to go to that evening and I don't want to wear myself out.

Yay, digging in the dirt!

Did you ever hear from the on the Feb 19th thing? The web page said I would get an email with directions a week before and I don't see anything from them in my email. And it says the event is full.

Well I finally heard from them this afternoon so, yay, see you there!

Excellent. Do you need a ride or anything? (I was sick early this week so I am all discombobumolated and late on getting final weekend planning done, sorry about that.)

I don't *need* a ride, but would be happy to car-pool as they seem to encourage that and it's never a bad idea. I'll email you.

I'm in for Feb 19 - let me know when/where we're going. :)

If you sign up at the website, they'll send you an e-mail with the directions and whatnot. I think there's more than one meeting point in the Baylands, but the one I've always been to is near the duck pond.

Did you want to do the Palo Alto, or Redwood City? They have two events on the 19th. I'm guessing the former?

And I just tried to sign up for the PA one, and it told me that the event is full.

They will probably not mind if you just show up -- I think the registration is mostly intended for groups.

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