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No Tiny Art?
Poll #1673917 To Tiny Art or Not to Tiny Art

What, nobody wants Tiny Art this year? Why not?

Don't want any nasty lovingly handcrafted art-like objects.
Too busy to make 5 things this year.
Right, I knew there was something I meant to sign up for!

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You forgot option 4: "Still feel too guilty about not following up on this last time to participate"

...I would also need that option.

i already signed up "elsewhere" though only three people accepted between LJ and facebook...


Yeah, you're off the hook since I got it from you.

"Too busy," is probably not the right term, but it's more like "Don't trust myself to not drop the ball or leave it so late that whatever I make it insultingly crappy."

That pretty much sums it up for me too, alas.

Ah, see, I figure "crappy" is totally on the table.

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