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I have this terrible pain in the diodes all up and down my left side.
Last Thursday, while I was walking the dog, my knee went spang. I limped on home and hoped it would feel better in the morning. It didn't; it stiffened up overnight and decided that not only didn't it want any weight on it while it was straightened, it didn't really want to be straightened at all. This was very annoying, and I grumbled a lot while hobbling around the kitchen and putting ice on it and so forth. I would be less annoyed if I'd stepped in a hole or twisted it funny or otherwise done something to damage it, because then at least I'd know why it was hurting.

It's been improving since then, and is up to dog-walking and getting back and forth to work, but it's still being a bit sore after these totally-standard activities sometimes, so it's not all the way better yet. The getting sore quickly meant that I didn't get to climb much on Wednesday, grumble grumble.

Earlier Wednesday I got a vaccination (Tdap -- tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis; I'd been meaning to for quite some time, but kept forgetting, so I was glad the doctor suggested it while I was there). It felt fine at the time, but the next day my arm was crazy sore. It's still quite tender now. Ibuprofen is being useful, as is warning anyone who comes within about three feet not to touch it. (This is the trouble with invisible injuries -- people forget not to poke them.)

I don't like it when my bits don't work. I need my bits to work if I'm going to go out and do productive active things. If I can't do productive active things, I get cranky.


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ughness! i agree. if things are going to hurt there should, at the very least, be a reason!

Glad you seem on the mend... And i'm a fan of the Tdap getting done by adults. So yay, sorry for the ouchie arm though. It is a doozy.

i'm a fan of the Tdap getting done by adults

So are the doctors! Their handout was very firm about it.

I hope you & yours are feeling less virus-laden.

It's the T part which hurts. The last one I recall was in Basic (so I am perhaps a bit past due). That one was a royal pain, because there were a lot of things which needed arms.

Typhoid also has a stealth agony in the upper arm; for about three days.

this. the T hurts like heck.

sorry your knee is not well - I was sad you could not enjoy climbing with us the other day.

Yeah, I was annoyed about that. But I got a few good climbs in before it decided it was done, and I went and climbed the heck out of some walls this morning and it never did get to complaining, so it seems to be pretty much back to normal now.

*careful hugs* Joints are problematic. However, replacing joints seems really, really awful, so I hope your original parts heal up soon.

Yeah, this is definitely a "wait a bit and it will feel better", not a "rip it out and start over". My teeth, now... I think titanium would be an excellent tooth material.

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