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The Rudest Driver in the World
This morning, I was stopped at a traffic light as usual, squinting off into the rising sun and thinking vague morning-related thoughts as usual.

Then I started to feel a bit funny about the wheels. I thought maybe something was wrong with my brakes, but when I glanced back I saw that the car behind me had its bumper UP ON TOP OF MY REAR TIRE. And scooted forward as I looked back.

My immediate and forceful BACK THE FUCK UP gestures were obeyed, but JESUS. We DO NOT TOUCH OTHER VEHICLES with our vehicles, you infinite jerk. Especially not bicycles.

The wheel looks okay, but the braking's gone a bit muddy, so it's probably squished slightly off true.

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!! I'm very glad that you're okay. *horrified*

That's actually one of the scarier things that's ever happened on my bike, because I know damn well he saw me before he decided to run into me. Accidents happen, but the thought process or lack thereof in this case is kind of freaking me out.

You know, I've always been a little surprised that cars stayed so far away from me when pulling up behind me at a light. It almost annoyed me - pull forward! Help me hit that sensor!
I don't think I'll ever be annoyed about it again. How absent-minded do you have to be to roll into the back of a cyclist YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN???

umm. HOLY SCARY! Glad you are ok... And HOLY BAD DRIVER!

My most charitable guess is that he was unfamiliar with the vehicle and didn't realize how far the bumper was from the driver's seat. But you know what you do when you're driving a vehicle you don't have a good spatial sense with? YOU ARE EXTRA CAREFUL, THAT'S WHAT.

I am... more stressed about it than I realized at the time.

That is awful! I had a driver get out of his vehicle to yell at me once, but thank god, I've never had a motor vehicle touch my bicycle. That is just disturbing.

Oh dear gods. I'll second that vote!

that is so many levels of horrible that words fail me. i'm so glad you're okay.

that's fucking terrifying! i admit, much as i enjoy bicycling, i wouldn't have the nerve to do it in traffic.

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