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New Year's Vague Intentions

I don't really do New Year's resolutions, mostly because I don't typically experience time in a way that chunks neatly into years. But this year, we've been in the house a little over a year and we've had the dog almost exactly a year, so there are some natural boundaries to 2010 encouraging me to think of it as a more coherent whole than usual.

There are a few things I want to do a bit differently this year:

1. Take more photos. I wrote Christmas cards for my grandparents, and thought it would be nice to print out a few photos of interesting things we've done this year to include. But when I looked, I didn't have any photos of interesting things we've done this year -- I had a few good shots of the chickens, and the coop-building process, and a few one-person stills here and there, but not really any adventures.

2. Use my vacation time for more three-day weekends. They're very relaxing, and having them spread regularly through the year helps keep me from burning out quite so badly as I sometimes do.

3. Go camping. We didn't go camping at all this year! Must fix that for 2011. (Must introduce dog to tent first.)

And some fuzzier, less time-bounded intentions:

4. Get back into the piano habit. I have been playing the piano a bit in the second half of this year, but after the Evil Hand Fungus kept me from playing at all for six months, it never really got back into being a habit the way it had been.

5. Relatedly, work through that how-to-compose book. Possibly learn the recorder to go with (it recommends doing the simple exercises for a woodwind, and while I do not have any proper woodwinds, I do have this plasticwind I used to play in elementary school...).

6. Travel more, locally. Particularly, I'd like to do more hiking, visit the Wave Organ, head out to the coast a few times, and have brooksmoses show me around Carmel like he keeps meaning to.

7. As usual, I would like to spend more one-on-one or small-group time with friends, so if you want to plan a trip to one of those above-mentioned interesting places, or do something on a semi-random three-day weekend, let me know!
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