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Food, Glorious Food
red river hog
As you may or may not know, we're spending Christmas this year at home, having visited folks at Thanksgiving. This means that I can COOK NONSTOP FOR DAYS. Well, not me entirely, but that is the basic shape of the holiday plan here. Observe the menu for the next few days:

December 24th:
  • roast beef
  • green beans (possibly two batches, one Southern-style squishy and one Northern-style tender but crisp)
  • extremely sweet potatoes
  • popovers
  • spinach, onion, and chickpeas (I make this all the time, and I should think of a catchier name for it)
  • pecan pie

December 25th:
  • lasagna
  • salad
  • pumpkin custard
  • pumpkin cake (there is some chance this may end up being a brunch instead)

December 26th (includes various local friends and reveals our severe dining chair shortage):
  • roast ducks
  • wild rice stuffing
  • mashed potatoes
  • broccoli casserole
  • apple pie

plus whatever the various local friends are bringing, which is currently expected to include:
  • cranberry relish
  • nut loaf
  • grapefruit tart

and if the rest of the various local friends do not bring vegetables, we'll add:
  • cabbage & apples

Not to mention various cookies, beverages, fancy holiday chocolates, etc.

I love feast days.

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It all sounds delicious!
You have couches and footstools, though, so it's not like people won't be able to roost somewhere with their plates.

Yay, feast days! Hope it all went really well.

It did! We even managed to get everything today ready at about the same time, which was more or less the originally-planned time! That is often difficult for us.

I gotta figure out what the story is with pumpkin, though, because the pumpkin custard and the pumpkin pie (one of the friends brought apple pie [which was excellent and all vanished before I got a second piece :(] so we switched to pumpkin for today) took way longer in the oven than the recipes said. (The custard was a new recipe, but the pie usually doesn't take that long.) I suspect it's a pumpkin wateriness issue, such that excessive moisture requires more time to cook off so everything solidifies, and intend to press my pumpkin in a sieve or a cheesecloth or something next time I make a pie-like thing with it.

My pumpkin's been watery lately, too. Hmm. So glad your food stuff went well, though. That's a good feeling.

My pumpkin's been watery lately, too.

Maybe it's to do with the timing of the precipitation this year in our local pumpkin-growing region?

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