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Your Extroversion Profile:
Assertiveness: Medium
Sociability: Medium
Activity Level: Low
Excitement Seeking: Low
Friendliness: Low
Cheerfulness: Very Low

I object to this Cheerfulness rating. "Low," okay, fine, I am not a perky ray of sunshine. But "Very Low"?

I like that gradient sort of thing in the background, though. It's rather attractive.

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I think that is a screwy quiz. I had to resort to asking Brooks to help me catagorize myself. Not that he was helpful, I gave him the options, he looked thoughtful, he said, "no."

Cheerfulness: Very High
Friendliness: Medium
Assertiveness: Low
Excitement Seeking: Low
Sociability: Low
Activity Level: Very Low

Yeah, it overgeneralizes even more than your average random net-quiz.

So that's what happened to my Cheerfulness rating -- you took it all! :)

I agree that it's a weird quiz. I guess it's easy to come up with simple ratings when you only have two possible answers on a test. But, for the record, my excitement-seeking and friendliness? "very low."

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