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Sad Cat in a Dog Suit
It's raining this morning. I checked the weather earlier and determined that as far as the radar was concerned, it was just going to keep raining all day at about the same level of raininess, so rather than wait fruitlessly for it to stop I went and got my raincoat and my bag of dog-walking implements and the dog, who had been lurking about making hopeful eyes for a while.

Then we had this conversation, loosely translated:

me: You wanna go for a walk?
Galen: Oh boy do I! Yes please.
(I attach the leash and get my keys; Galen sits attentively by the door, which I open.)
me: Okay, let's go!
Galen: Hang on, it smells wet out there.
me: Come on!
Galen (emerging slowly from the house): But there's water...
me (stepping off the covered part of the porch): Let's go!
Galen (remaining very solidly on the dry part): How 'bout we don't?
me: You wanna go for a walk? Come on!
Galen: I bring to your attention the water falling from the sky.
Galen: Also my feet have suddenly fused with the concrete.
Galen: You should come back on the dry part too. Don't you know it's raining?
me: But walking!
Galen: But dry.

So we didn't go for a walk this morning.

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(Deleted comment)
He can be very eloquent when he has a point to make.

My aunt had a cat like that, who would test every door and every openable window when she wanted into the backyard. It might not be raining at ALL of the openings, you see, so she had to check. :)

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