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What the Doctor Said
1. Yep, you sure are sick.
2. It's probably viral, but given how long it's been going on (since Thanksgiving), here is a quick course of antibiotics to knock out any incipient pneumonia/ear infection/what have you.
3. Also, some cough syrup with codeine. "Don't take it if you're not planning on a nap."
4. No, don't go back to work at all this week.
5. But you'll probably be feeling better by Monday.

If you see me lurking around on the internet somewhere, ask me if I've had anything to drink in the last hour. I don't think I've been getting enough liquids.

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Boo. Is Cathy still sick too? :(

She's been better enough to work a couple of part-days, but not quite all the way better yet.

I have a sad, weak immune system and get everything worst. (Not usually quite this worst, which is why the antibiotics.) I am starting to feel more alert now, so I have optimistic feelings about getting back to normal next week.

have you had anything to drink?

I will go do that now. :)

:( I hope you feel better soon. Now go get a glass of water or tea or something.

I have tea! It's steeping!

And it's down to like normal cold symptoms now, so I am back and work and much less fed up with the world.

hope you feel better soon!

I'm working on it! Apparently it's been going around, and is just in general a really long disease to get over. So I'm improving slowly, but definitely a positive trend here.

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