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Paint and Polish
So we've been talking kids. (There is no imminent announcement. It's a large subject which will be talked to death, pounded into the ground, talked to death some more, pounded into the ground again, and fermented like surströmming so we are properly prepared.) Hypothetical situation space is large, so these conversations tend to wander a bit.

Which is how brooksmoses and andres_s_p_b wound up last night deciding exactly which tiny paintbrushes to use in the event that their children request their assistance with complicated fingernail polish designs.

(brooksmoses says: "It wasn't 'deciding'; there was an obvious right answer!")

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These are, it turns out, completely awesome. I bought one of these in white in order to touch up the letters on the keyboard of an old laptop I am giving to my mom:


They have a brush but they also have a PEN! And it really works!

Nifty! What sort of line-width does the pen tip produce?

Tell your husband that he is very strange. :P

Yesterday I got asked if I happened to have any nail polish remover on me (they needed acetone for cleaning purposes). They may as well have grown a second head for the look I gave them... lol.

Tell your husband that he is very strange.

We knew that!

Yay, kids! (And I understand that this is not an imminent announcement; I, too, talk about kids all the time with my partners, including the partners I'm not planning to have kids with, which is most of them. I figure that anybody who gets involved with me should have an idea of how serious I am about being a mother in the future.)

And I am a strange sort of Femme, the sort who was raised by parents who embraced natural food and eco-friendly products of all sorts, so we never had nail polish in the house, and I have never learned how to apply it. I mean, as an artist, of course I can apply paint to anything, but nail polish has always been some foreign territory.

So -- raising kids? Great, I can understand that desire, and I love kids, and I will be delighted for you when you decide to go for it. But nail polish? Eeeek!

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