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Not the Photo in the Icon
There's a black-and-white photograph in our living room of a woman wearing a poncho with her hair in two braids. In our previous apartment, it was on the top of a bookshelf, near the window. In our current house, it is on the shelf between the dining table and the hallway. (Here is a rather blurry scan for those of you who would like to play along at home or confirm that you are thinking of the correct photo -- sorry about the quality; I didn't want to take it out of the frame.)

People who have seen this photograph, please answer the following poll:

Poll #1618913 Photo Identification

The first time you saw it, who did you think it was a photograph of?

I thought it was a picture of tiger_spot.
I thought it was a picture of someone other than tiger_spot.
What picture? Now I feel unobservant.
What picture? I've never been to your house.

Now who do you think it is a photograph of?

I still think it's a picture of tiger_spot.
I still think it's a picture of someone other than tiger_spot.
I thought it was a picture of tiger_spot, but then I realized it wasn't.
I thought it was a picture of someone else, but then I realized it was tiger_spot.
This poll has made me suspicious. I have no idea.

If you thought it was someone else, or now think it is someone else, who do you think it is?

The correct answer will be posted in the comments.

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The correct answer, hidden from the casual glance by the power of rot13:

Vg vf n cvpgher bs [info]naqerf_f_c_o'f zbgure. V nz abg, va snpg, anepvffvfgvp rabhtu gb unir n cvpgher bs zlfrys va zl bja yvivat ebbz. Ubjrire, ng yrnfg gjb crbcyr jub xabj zr dhvgr jryy unir zvfgnxra vg sbe n cvpgher bs zr. V qb frr gur erfrzoynapr, lrf, ohg V qba'g guvax vg'f gung pybfr.

Edited at 2010-09-15 04:32 am (UTC)

Lrf, ohg znal crbcyr qb abg erfrzoyr cubgbf bs gurve lbhatre fryirf nyy gung pybfryl.

V'z jvgu oebbxfzbfrf va gung V gubhtug vg jnf lbh (onfrq ba gur fpna; V unira'g orra gb lbhe ubhfr) abg orpnhfr V gubhtug vg ybbxrq whfg yvxr lbh ohg orpnhfr V gubhtug rira n fyvtug erfrzoynapr jnf rabhtu pbagvahvgl jura nyybjvat sbe gur cnffntr bs gvzr. Nygubhtu gur gehr nafjre vf nyfb vagrerfgvat, naq V'z tynq gung lbh vapyhqrq n "guvf cbyy unf znqr zr fhfcvpvbhf" bcgvba. :)

Fb, lrnu, V qba'g npghnyyl frr gur erfrzoyrapr gb lbh... V guvax vg'f whfg gur unve guebjvat crbcyr bss.

v qba'g guvax vg'f anepvffvfgvp gb unir n cvpgher bs barfrys va bar'f yvivat ebbz, slv.

That may need to be another poll. It was definitely a Rule when I was growing up -- pictures of people living in the house were okay in a bedroom or in one's wallet, but were not to be placed in public parts of the home.

I was just kinda happy that I knew which photo you meant before I clicked on the scan. I'd never really thought about it, though.

Yeah, I don't know how many people notice it. I mean, I know you have a bunch of little photographs up on your living room wall, but I couldn't say what any of them are off the top of my head.

(I'm so glad I have the LeetKey add-on installed to translate the rot13 for me with three clicks.)

V unira'g frra vg va crefba, bs pbhefr, ohg sebz gur fpna V qvqa'g guvax vg jnf lbh orpnhfr gur rlrf ner qvssrerag sebz lbhef. V zvtug abg unir abgvprq vs V unqa'g orra guvaxvat nobhg vg orpnhfr bs gur cbyy, ohg V guvax V jbhyq unir.

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