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Canine Good Citizen Progress
We have just returned from the penultimate Canine Good Citizen prep class (next week is the last class, then the week after that is the actual test). Galen is doing well at most things. He still needs some work on sitting quietly and ignoring other dogs, although he got 3 out of 5 right today (including the extra bonus try with the instructor's dog after class), so that's improving.

He could also use some practice waiting for people to come to him on greetings rather than going to them -- we noticed today that this seems to be particularly a problem with men. Any men feel like helping us practice that bit?

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Penultimate is one of my favorite words. It is underused in my opinion.

Yay improving Galen. :-)

It is an excellent word.

Another excellent word (well, noun phrase, I suppose) is "endoplasmic reticulum", but one gets so few opportunities to use that in conversation.

Wow, lots of progress! Two thumbs up to you and to Galen!

Well, it helps that he's been in class with these dogs for a couple of weeks -- dogs he's used to are much less distracting than unknown dogs.

Bug Alex - he sounds a bit self-isolating the last few days (you may tell him I said so if he proves reluctant). And Galen particularly seems to like him when we come to the house. :)

I have now done that very thing. :)

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