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Have You an Apartment?
A friend of mine is looking to move to the Bay Area and could use a little help finding an apartment. If you happen to know of something that fits the following criteria, let me know and I'll pass it on.

* move-in date in October
* studios, 1-bedrooms, MIL-apartments, cottages, sublets, maybe renting part of a house or sharing a house depending on the people
* no or few steps/stairs (1 flight of stairs at the most)
* close to central urban areas
* sunny, even in winter

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our complex seems to always have openings.

I know a person looking to move into something new and share with people - does that count?

Might could, if they're looking for about the same sort of thing. Send me an e-mail with contact information and I'll pass it along.

And apparently the person I was thinking of isn't actually really interested - sorry. :(

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