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Canine Good Citizen Prep

Our current class is Canine Good Citizen prep. I don't actually expect we'll pass the test this time -- it's only a 6 week class, and while Galen is getting better at ignoring other dogs that's a very slow process -- but the class structure is good for us all and it was either this or repeat Obedience for Dog Sports. I hope they hold a beginner's agility course at the Palo Alto facility in the fall; they've got a couple going at the Milpitas location, but that's obnoxiously far away. Or rally obedience; that would be fun.

I expect Galen will do fine with all the parts of the test that don't involve other dogs, but I'd like to practice a bit first in case there's anything we need to work on. Quite a few of the tests involve the dog's behavior around a "friendly stranger", so if anyone would like to volunteer to be a stranger, let me know and I will buy you a coffee-or-whatever while we practice. For Galen, I expect people he already knows a bit will be more distracting than people he's never met, so you do not in fact need to be a stranger to the dog to be useful practice -- waiting patiently, then calmly and politely greeting actual friends should be more of a challenge.

Also if you would like to volunteer your house or any other door- or gate-containing wall or fence you may control access to, I'd like to generalize his sit-and-wait-for-permission-before-going-through-doors behavior beyond the doors in our house.
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