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Canine Good Citizen Prep
Our current class is Canine Good Citizen prep. I don't actually expect we'll pass the test this time -- it's only a 6 week class, and while Galen is getting better at ignoring other dogs that's a very slow process -- but the class structure is good for us all and it was either this or repeat Obedience for Dog Sports. I hope they hold a beginner's agility course at the Palo Alto facility in the fall; they've got a couple going at the Milpitas location, but that's obnoxiously far away. Or rally obedience; that would be fun.

I expect Galen will do fine with all the parts of the test that don't involve other dogs, but I'd like to practice a bit first in case there's anything we need to work on. Quite a few of the tests involve the dog's behavior around a "friendly stranger", so if anyone would like to volunteer to be a stranger, let me know and I will buy you a coffee-or-whatever while we practice. For Galen, I expect people he already knows a bit will be more distracting than people he's never met, so you do not in fact need to be a stranger to the dog to be useful practice -- waiting patiently, then calmly and politely greeting actual friends should be more of a challenge.

Also if you would like to volunteer your house or any other door- or gate-containing wall or fence you may control access to, I'd like to generalize his sit-and-wait-for-permission-before-going-through-doors behavior beyond the doors in our house.

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Want two strangers? I can do that. (You offered coffee. You may have expected me to bounce up and down going, "Me! Me! Me!") We've also got that long area in front of the door with the gate, and the veggie garden with gate.

That's right, your place is all over gates.

And your house is extra challenging because he knows (a) you guys live there and (b) your cats live there. All kinds of cool stuff behind that door!

And the cats aren't really dog friendly - an additional "hey, what's that?". When works for you? I'm pretty open for schedule generally - barring the writing group which is Thurs evening this week and Wed evenings otherwise, I set my own. The hiking is usually weekday mornings so far, so I don't think that will conflict (still no word about what's going on Saturday, though). Preferences?

Sure, if you need yet a third.

Hey, and you actually count as a stranger to the dog. That'd be good to try, to see if it makes a difference!

I have sent you a scheduling e-mail.

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