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I have here fresh, warm, homemade bread pudding.

It is teh yum.

We didn't have any cream, so its fat content is a little lower than the recipe called for. But it's good anyway.

Nom nom nom.

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The fun part will be seeing the Venn overlap of those who are reading LJ this late, and those who feel you are close enough to visit. ;)

NO MY PUDDING!!!! ::defends with forks::

(Actually, I have had like three servings now, so if you really want some I do in fact feel sated and therefore generous. Also it was really easy so if I want more I can make more. Any time I want! Ha! Remind me tomorrow morning and I will warm you up a sample.)


(Have I mentioned that bread pudding is one of my very favorite desserts?)

No, you hadn't mentioned. But it should be patently obvious that bread pudding is one of the favorite desserts of all right-thinking people, because it is JUST OBJECTIVELY THAT GOOD.

(But if you don't like bread pudding, that's okay too! More for me, and I won't even call you a wrong-thinking pudding infidel!)

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