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Dog Project

For our current class, Obedience for Dog Sports, we need to think of a project. We're supposed to work on chaining behaviors -- that is, we'll give one cue, and the dog will perform three (or more) behaviors in a row. As an example, right now Galen knows "Come", which means (a) come to the area directly in front of me from wherever you are and (b) sit there. So that's two behaviors off one cue. I'm having a hard time thinking of three behaviors that make an interesting or useful set to use for the project.

We can use behaviors he already knows well (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay [in all those positions], Come, Touch [touch my hand with your nose], Shake), behaviors we're still working on (Heel, To [go out to a target and touch it], Wave [like Shake, but without touching anything], Settle [go out to a mat and sit or lie down on it], Here [like Come but without the sitting part -- he's actually pretty good at it but it's new, since we started with the more formal recall]), or new behaviors (Spin, Roll Over, Crawl [Cathy's been working on these three for a week or two], or anything else you can think of). We probably don't want them all to be brand-new, because he's got to learn them before we can put them together.

Any ideas?
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