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Dead Computer = Sad Me
My computer is in bad, bad, not-booting shape.

I have not been able to fix it, and am out of ideas that do not involve purchasing new hard drives. (It boots partway, then freezes after the Windows XP loading screen. Reinstalling Windows didn't help.)

Conveniently, I have already been issued the work laptop I need for this business trip I'll be off on most of next week. So I can get gmail and LJ comments. But my regular e-mail is going to go unchecked for some time here, if you've sent anything you want me to see.

I am very, very grumpy.

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I have not, but I will remember the link next time something explodes.

Brooks fixed it, because he is awesome. (Delete the previous instantiation of Windows, reinstall from there -- worked perfectly, all my data seems to be present, and I am slowly reinstalling programs as I need them / remember them.)

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