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Dreams: Your Day, the Remix
Yesterday evening I did two things: First, I finished putting the last coat of paint on the last piece I need to paint before we can assemble the run around the chicken coop. (We still need to make -- and paint! -- a nest box, but for right now the endless painting is, in fact, ended.) Then, chinders, Galen, and I visited friends with a brand-new baby. I made soup, the new parents got pictures of both of them with the baby at the same time, Galen got good practice not bothering cats, and the cats got puffed up and hilarious looking.

That night, chinders dreamed she was pregnant. I dreamed I still had to paint coop parts: a set of bleachers, part of a shed floor which had gotten scuffed and dirty enough it had to redone, some other random bits of wood... and I was out of the blue paint. (But then I discovered a very tall, mostly full can of it! So then I could, in fact, paint the things....)

So that tells you where our brains were over the course of the day.

This evening I played with the dog and reorganized a bit, moving all the shelves in the spice cabinet (except the bottom one) down two spaces, a few things from the pantry to the top of the spice cabinet, the water bottles from the hall closet and garage to the pantry, my backpack from the bottom of the hall closet to the shelf, the vacuum cleaner hose and parts from the hall closet to the laundry room, various things around the laundry room, and a few things to the Goodwill-bound zone. It may not all stay in the new places, but we'll give it a try for a while and see what we think.

I don't mind dreaming about reorganizing as long as everything winds up with a good spot. It's fun when you're not trying to stuff too many awkward things into inappropriately shaped spaces.

Oh, and let me know if you need a food processor. We finally got a replacement part for the one that goes with the blender, so the other one is leaving.

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at least neither of you were giving birth to a chicken coop...

and YAY soup. and YAY company. and the cats seem fine now. :)

at least neither of you were giving birth to a chicken coop...

Now it's in my head! Now it's in my head! AUGH!

I would love a food processor but perhaps it is silly to send one across country? How much would the shipping be, do you think?

I'm always amused when I read posts like this because I'm not an organizer. Everything around me is here and there. Mike's the same way, so that works out for us. Drives others a bit crazy, though.

Looking at the Post Office shipping calculator, I am guessing $20-$30, which is only very slightly less than the cost of a new one. Probably not worth it. (Also I don't like it much -- I like the one that goes with the blender a lot better. The big one that's going away has a large space between the blade and the roof of the food compartment, which means that if you are, say, shredding carrots and apples, you wind up with a lot of leftover unshredded carrot and apple chunks, so that you have to peel more carrots and wash more apples and wind up doing more work overall than if you just grated the darn things by hand. So we only tried that the once.)

Oh, and on organizing:

Andres functions by remembering where he put things, so he winds up with piles and stacks all over his desk. My memory is not that good, so I can't go by remembering where things are; I have to put them somewhere logical if I'm going to have any chance of finding them again.

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