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Why do we always find these things an hour after the vet closes for the weekend?
We have been to the emergency vet this evening. Tethys did something to her foot. We're not sure what, but when Cathy and I got back from the beach[1] it was swollen and she wasn't walking on it at all. We suspected it was broken, but the vet thinks it's more likely that she got it caught in something and cut off the circulation for a bit. So Tethys is stoned out of her tiny gourd on painkillers, and if it doesn't go back to normal in a day or so we will actually X-ray it.

Cathy is a hero of the revolution for calling like 6 or 8 different after-hours vet clinics to find one that was willing to look at a rat.

[1] The verdict: From the perspective of "How much will the dog enjoy this outing?" we should stick with hiking. I deliberately picked a beach which allows dogs on, but not off, leash on the theory that this would mean there would be fewer other dogs for him to get overexcited about. In practice, there were a lot of dogs, most of whom were off-leash. We learned that Galen likes ocean water no better than he likes any other water that makes noise (i.e., not at all even a little bit HOLY SHIT IT'S TRYING TO EAT ME), so while he enjoyed the trip to a new and interesting environment, we will not be going back, as there are plenty of other equally new and interesting places closer to home with fewer other dogs in them.
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Ugh - I hope it's just a strain or something and she's whisking around the cage soon. Cathy is clearly teh awesome.
I should tell you the story about a field trip on the beach at Fort Funston, speaking of dog-on-dog shenanigans.

A story, a story! (I am home sick today. A story is just the thing.)

I promise to provide said story as soon as I can do it justice. Which, unfortunately, isn't the night before my paper is kind of due and oh God I'm not done and humminahhumminahhumminah but soon, soon I promise.
Are we gaming this week? If so, I'll tell it then. (Also, get well soon! Or if this is an off sick mental health day, take your time recovering!)

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