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Help Confuse My Co-workers. Or the Chickens. Either Way.
This afternoon at work we had an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.

There was a raffle.

I have a flamingo now.

Should it live here at work, and get thought balloons pinned to the wall above it and entertaining costumes on appropriate holidays, or should it come home and live in the chicken coop?

Poll #1558091 The Disposition of the Flamingo

Where should the flamingo live?

at work
in the chicken coop
I've always wanted a pink plastic flamingo!
I have a better idea (see comments)

Also, what should I do with these rabbit ears? (They do not fit the flamingo, but they do fit me.)

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I voted for work, but I'm not sure why the flamingo couldn't live in costume on your lawn, either. (My mother puts reindeer antlers on one of my father's gargoyles at Christmas. They have little lights in them. In the summer, he has a straw hat. And sunglasses.)

There will be no pink flamingos on the lawn. It's a rule.

The gargoyle decorations sound totally adorable.

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