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Help Confuse My Co-workers. Or the Chickens. Either Way.
This afternoon at work we had an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.

There was a raffle.

I have a flamingo now.

Should it live here at work, and get thought balloons pinned to the wall above it and entertaining costumes on appropriate holidays, or should it come home and live in the chicken coop?

Poll #1558091 The Disposition of the Flamingo

Where should the flamingo live?

at work
in the chicken coop
I've always wanted a pink plastic flamingo!
I have a better idea (see comments)

Also, what should I do with these rabbit ears? (They do not fit the flamingo, but they do fit me.)

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Hammer down! Rabbit ears!

Um, sorry. Me and my They Might Be Giants moment will go sit quietly in the corner for a minute.

You could get an awesome satin waistcoat and a pocket watch and be the White Rabbit for Halloween and Purim and other costume holidays. (Please do not ask what other holidays are costume holidays in my family. There are hazards to adopting a brother when he is already grown and has had a chance to form this kind of opinion for himself.)

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