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Variations in Pea-Fishing Strategies Among Domestic Rodents
It gets quite warm in the upper half of our townhome, so we have been devising strategies to keep ourselves and the rats reasonably cool in the absence of air conditioning. One thing the rats like is a dish of water with some frozen peas in it. Today I noticed that they were all retrieving peas in different ways.

1. Clio reached in with her right paw, waved it around until it contacted a pea, then picked out the pea with just that paw and ate it immediately.

2. Thalia patted around with her paws until she found a clump of peas, then reached in and grabbed several in her mouth. She then scampered off to a safer location, shook her nose to get all the nasty water off, ate the peas, and shook her paws dry before going back for more.

3. Niobe grabbed a couple of floating peas off the surface, then decided all this water was a bit much and went down to the bottom of the cage to see if the other rats had dropped any.

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Hmmm, pea fishing. I'll have to offer the opportunity to my current rat bastard (he's a biter who, given the chance, draws blood) when the going gets hot.

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