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Color Meme

Via labelleizzy: Comment here and I will give you a color. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that color.

I have "aubergine".

This may take a while.

1. Actual eggplant, when properly prepared. The best eggplant I've had was at a pizza place near a church that hosted a Vienna Teng concert in San Francisco, the name of which escapes me. It was creamy and wonderful and in a pasta dish with other tasty things.
2. The color itself, which is a nice rich excessive sort of shade for things to be. Over-the-top without being eye-searingly bright.
3. Internal organs! Terrifically useful, those.
4. Red onions. Possibly not quite on hue, but the skins can be pretty dark.
5. The beech bedsheets. Again, not quite on hue, but close. They're very soft.
6. False-color astronomy photographs. (Hey, they usually contain a lot of different colors. No reason aubergine can't be in there.) Informative and beautiful.
7. Plums! Actually the right color, and very tasty when properly ripe.
8. Certain portions of the dog's skin (near the crease of the thighs, and one spot on his tongue; also gums, I suppose). I am not particularly fond of those spots, but I do quite like the dog as a whole. The tongue spot's cute. I may particularly like that one.
9. The sky, occasionally. One spot on the University of Texas campus tended to have this strange, luminous, greeny-purple overhead at night.
10. Iridescence. Oil slicks, many glossy bird feathers, and other dark refracting things create lovely colors, including aubergine, and are really interesting to watch in the way that they catch the light from different angles.
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