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Chickens Grow Fast!

The little guys have gotten much bigger. They now have detectable weight!

This is from the 19th, as a nice size comparison with the earlier photo:

They sprouted wing feathers quickly, and have been following that up with tails and body feathers. Their heads are starting to look disproportionately small, since they're still covered in baby chick fluff, and the undersides of their wings are totally naked as yet.

They're much flappier now, and can fly/jump surprising distances. Flapping is much more effective than peeping at attracting the dog's attention, which is a bit unfortunate.

On the 20th, they figured out how to roost:

On the 26th, Brooks helped me get some actual good pictures outside where there's light.

Note the enormous visual changes in 6 days.

They thought the grass was pretty cool, and attempted to eat various bits of it. They didn't get very far with that, because every time one of them would pick up a flower petal or bit of stick or whatever, the other one would immediately run up and try to take it away, so there was a lot more tussling than sampling going on.

The coop is progressing. The foundation has been constructed and had hardware cloth (to stop digging creatures from getting in) stapled to it. We need to dig a big trench and bury the foundation with some concrete at the corners to provide a nice stable base for the rest of the structure. Brooks and Cathy have been busily cutting pieces for the enclosure panels; once those are all done they will be assembled and painted, along with the actual coop parts; then hardware cloth gets stapled to all that, and the various panels and parts are assembled into position. So there's a lot to do yet. I should buy paint, since once I get the foundation buried painting is the next thing I'm competent to help with. I'm thinking dark green on the thin supports and a sky blue on the large flat areas of the coop. Maybe stencil some flowers or eggs or something on there.
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