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Only the Good Die Young
This tells us nothing about Odin, since he was most likely over two, which is not young for a rat.

Kind of surprising, though.


(Maybe a stroke? Hard to say.)

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Wow, rough time lately. *hugs and hugs* if you want 'em.

Sorry to hear it. My godson lost one of his two beloved rats this week, too. Sigh.

Thanks. My sympathies to your godson.

Awww, crap, I'm sorry. Not a good week.

It's been a bit rough. Thank you.

That's really the only bad thing about pet rats -- even the ones that last a while don't last nearly long enough. :(

That may be one of those places where not having much of a temporal memory is a bit of a help for me -- I can hold a little ratty lifetime in my head and it feels like a lifetime.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, but last time it was deliberate.

I'm sorry. The sweet little creatures, why can't they live longer?

Sorry to hear that. It's never easy when a companion leaves.

Haven't you lost an awful lot of rats recently? I'm thinking three in the past few months. That must really suck :(

I'm sorry for your little ratty losses, and hope your other pets stay alive a good long time!

Haven't you lost an awful lot of rats recently?

We had a bunch who were about the same age, which tends to cause a bit of clustering.

Galen and the chickens should each be good for another 4 or 5 years, maybe longer. Thor is not doing well (he's in that same age group and has a chronic respiratory issue). Tethys is only a year and a half, so she should be all right for a while.

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