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Weird job listings of the day
Craigslist is a gold mine. Not so much for things I actually want to apply for, mind you, but a gold mine nonetheless.

The award for I Think That Means You're Looking for an Illegal Alien:
"If you have 2 heads and 5 hands and love people, WE NEED YOU. (santa clara) Love your job... while making a difference. Our positive, high-energy chiropractic clinic needs a fast moving, energetic front-office sunbeam."

The award for Why Proofreading is a Good Thing:
"Pubicist (berkeley west) Tricycle Press, the children's imprint of Ten Speed Press, is growing!"

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Tehe perl jobs mailing list has recently had a couple of listings for a QA Engineer in the Untied States.

Oh, look -- the obligatory talking-about-typos typo. The, of course. I don't do QA. :)

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