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Today I have chickens. They are 10 pounds of adorable in two tiny, weightless packages.

It is hard to get a good picture because either they're under the heat lamp, where the light is red, or they're moving too fast.

Norska, the one in the back there, is a silver-laced Wyandotte, which means she will look like this when she grows up. Teckla, in the front, is a black Australorp, and will look like this.

They've both found the food and water and demonstrated that they know what each is for. They are louder than I expected; they're keeping up a fairly constant twittering, which is rather pretty, interspersed with occasional louder peeps. The louder peeps sound like they want something, but as far as I can tell they either mean nothing or "We're lonely," because they stop when I go in to check on them.
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