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The situation: andres_s_p_b has been looking for a job for a while. He would most like to work for [company A] and [company B]. He's gone through the whole interview process with both of them. [Company A] was on the ball and got everything scheduled very quickly, then promptly made him an offer. [Company B] has been slower and less organized. [Company A] is in Seattle, which seems like a very nice place about 8 or 9 months out of the year and then has this winter thing where it's cloudy for three months straight.

I get kinda twitchy when it's overcast for more than a day or two.

andres_s_p_b would also prefer to work for [company B], which is in Mountain View, California, a generally much nicer place. Which is why houses cost ridiculous amounts there. We need to know what the offer from [company B] is so that we can figure out whether to take the offer from [company A] or [company B]. We'd rather take B, if it's enough to live on in that area, but we need to see the offer first. We've been waiting to hear back from [company B] for Quite Some Time Now.

[Company B] said they'd be giving us an offer on Tuesday, so we had a little party Tuesday night to celebrate having a decision.

[Company B] did not call us on Tuesday.

[Company B] did not call us on Wednesday.

When we harassed [Company B], they allowed as how Thanksgiving was being an issue, and perhaps they could get back to us next week?

[Company A] would like andres_s_p_b to start work next Monday.

This is a problem.

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Gleep, indeed. This does not sound at all pleasant.


Oh, ouch! I didn't know he was under that kind of pressure to produce an answer for Company A...much less *move* immediately.

I guess Company B's HR is not interested in telling you what kind of numbers you might be looking at, salary-wise? For what it's worth, my guess based on what I know of said company is that any offer they make will be pretty good by local standards: which means that it won't accommodate the kind of standard of living you could expect pretty much anywhere else, but you won't starve or anything. My impression is that most people in the first five years or so of a software-engineering career around here aren't looking at buying houses, though--at least, not unless they're okay with a nice long commute.

Does company B know he has an offer he's about to take from Company A? They have a reputation for suddenly becoming much more interested in hiring you when they know that someone else wants you--talent-hoarding, basically. So it might not hurt to call them up *now* and mention this, if you haven't already.

*hugs* I hope it all works out, somehow.

Company B is in fact aware of the offer from Company A, and has been pretty much since it was made.

Company A is not all that firmly set on that particular start date (which is good, because even if we'd heard from B on Tuesday and decided to go with A instead it's probably not physically possible to get all our stuff packed and to Seattle over Thanksgiving weekend), so if we need to wait for company B then we *can*, but...

I just want to know what we're doing. I had been coping very well when I could just tell myself not to worry, because we would know on Tuesday. And now it's past Tuesday, and we still don't know, and I am not so much coping anymore.

(Deleted comment)
seattle does have a pretty very large poly community

If Company A is the company I'm thinking of, there may very well be an employee mailing list for polyamory; at the very least, there's an informal poly-club on the campus. No foolin'.

Yeah, fully understood... Ew. All I can say is they'd damn well *better* have a nice offer for you after they've finished putting you through all this.

That would make me very wary of the corporate culture of company B.

Yeah, me too.

But it fits andres_s_p_b's culture pretty well. I mean, in other ways than being late sometimes. Although that fits too.

If Seattle becomes the future into which nodes of reality have collapsed, please do know that there are many of us who are already up here, and who would be pleased to help in any way we possibly could, with moving, local advice, company, and general friendishness. The overcast is enh - it's not that big a deal to me, but then, I'm used to Humboldt County, where it rains ten months out of the year (highest average rainfall in the continental US). I will say that Seattle is rather farther north than most people realize; during the winter, it gets dark - as in, full dark, you need streetlights to walk home - by 6 p.m. During the summer, it's still light outside at 9 p.m. It's a tradeoff, really. I love it up here, and always have; most people seem to either love Seattle, or can't stand it and want to leave.

Anyway, all my very best wishes for a very timely resolution to this situation.

I will say that Seattle is rather farther north than most people realize; during the winter, it gets dark - as in, full dark, you need streetlights to walk home - by 6 p.m.

Heh. I think you're not doing the Seattle darkness justice there: in the *Bay Area*, it's dark as pitch by 6pm this time of year, so I'm guessing you're without light a good half-hour earlier. :-)

I'm 300 miles south of Seattle, and it's already full dark by 5:30; by Solstice, it will be closer to 4:30. Latitude makes so much diffence..

tiger_spot, it sucks that you're left to dangle over Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you can have fun and feasting anyway ... and best wishes for the Company Of His Choice to make up its damned corporate mind soon.

*nod* Now I'm geeking out looking up sunrise and sunset times in different cities...looks like your day is about ten minutes longer on each end right now than Seattle's, and mine's got another twenty minutes on that.

I usually try not to notice exactly what time it gets dark here, because that would make me grouchy. :-) But I know I walked home from the train station in the dark at quarter to six a couple weeks ago. *sigh* If I had my way, I'd spend every winter in the tropics, and then go to Fairbanks or somewhere during summers.

Well, we didn't make any plans for Thanksgiving because we weren't sure if we'd need to be frantically packing or not.

So, no feast for us. But it's okay, because we had pie and company yesterday, and our good friend is in town so we will be hanging out with her.

wellokayfine. :P I have to say, I'm not sure of the precise times; I do know that if you work a regular eight-to-five job, by December-January you don't ever see daylight unless your office has a window or you go outside for lunches. On the other hand, by June-July, you're going to sleep while it's still almost full daylight, and waking up in full sunlight, which makes those of us who dislike sunlight intensely go *eeeeeeee* *shrivel* *die*

Here in Pittsburgh it's been dark before I stop working since Daylight Savings Time ended. I think Seattle is actually an improvement, weather-wise. I hear it hardly ever freezes there. I do not like snow. Winter is for visiting, not for living in.

In the heaviest snow year I've experienced in the decade since moving here, there was a whole week of snow on the ground. For the later part of the week, there was no ice, just lots of water from all the snow melting. Icicles are virtually unknown here. It can freeze in the winter, but when it does, it rarely precipitates. There has been at least a shower of snow every year I've lived here, but often it's just a shower overnight that leaves a few patches on the grass the next morning, and is gone by afternoon.

Rain, on the other hand...

I understand your desires for living in Mountain View (I'm up the road in Redwood City), but if Company A is also a good fit for Andres and they are showing real interest in him (and a "please come start on this date for this amount of money" seems real to me... well, an old acquaintance of mine always adivsed me to pay attention to the people who are paying attention to me and it has seemed to work out pretty well.

Good luck whichever way you all decide.

Much sympathy. What a sucky situation. I was horrified at housing costs when I spent a month in Sunnyvale (company paid for flat).

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