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Augh This Dog
So I mentioned we'd been having some trouble with the crate.

We were gone this afternoon for 2 1/2 hours (to the first meeting of the obedience class we've signed up for; the dog will be coming with us for the rest of the classes, but the first one's just a lecture for the humans). When we got back, we found... well... remember that cute picture in the last post, with the plush toy? Like that, except with bits of crate instead of bits of octopus stuffing. Also he'd managed to unbuckle his collar.

I am astounded.

(On the plus side, he didn't chew on anything other than the crate.)

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Ah. A very intelligent dog. :) You're in for some interesting times.

Well, he's persistent, anyway.

He does seem to be pretty smart, too, but this was definitely more of a brute force and repetition attack than a clever working-out of the precise actions needed.

Have you got a safe room - bathroom if necessary - you can leave him in instead? It sounds as if the crate is really stressing him out; depending on his background, that might be perfectly explicable.

We are trying to get him comfortable with being in the bathroom alone so we have it as an option, but we want to take that really slowly so he doesn't start reacting to it the same way. He knows the door is where you come in and out, and while he might not be able to break it down, he could do some fairly major damage if he freaks out in there.

Would it be worth going to Whole House Building Supply and getting a cheap old door to replace the good bathroom door with for a week or two, so major damage won't be costly?

Well, I guess you know what you're doing with the craft room/library/extra room. It's Galen's room now.

Good luck with the collar thing. Hedral likes to take his off and it's nearly impossible to put it back on, because he hates people screwing around with his neck. We had to switch to dog collars for him (the kind without the "safety" feature that cat collars usually have).

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