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We Appear to have Acquired a Dog
This is a little more sudden than I was expecting.

He's a smallish Lab, about five years old. He was rescued from Hurricane Katrina and adopted out here but then returned because of owners moving (twice). He's been going by "Possum" but we don't really like that name so we're thinking of changing it.

He's very calm, and mostly ignores people he doesn't know (i.e., us). Just now he's lying on the floor by the couch happily chewing a stick of dried something-or-other while Cathy reviews the dog training book.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Fortunately, the recycling is already in the pantry with a door, and the kitchen trashcan is a garbage compacter, so those are very thoroughly out of the way. Bathroom trashcans will need to move; we can put the guest bathroom trashcan in a cupboard, and take to keeping the door to the master bath shut (no cupboards in there). I hear terrible stories about dogs and bathroom trash.


A dog! Yay!

And yeah, echoing the comments about smart. I adore Labs, but Labs have sometimes-inconvenient levels of smart. :) Fortunately, since he's five, he's probably mellowed a good bit. Oh yay! Doggie!

He is extremely mellow. Except for being scared of his crate. (Why? We do not know. He was fine with it in the car coming home, but now wants absolutely nothing to do with it.) Cathy went and got him a new, different crate that he can see out of better, and he seems to be more comfortable with that one.

"Dried something-or-other" is a bull's penis, for the record.

I'm glad to know that so many parts of the bull are put to good use, but... ew. Hope the dog likes it.

Congrats on the new dog!

He thinks they're great. And now, if we're ever attacked by dried zombie bulls, he knows to go for the vulnerable parts.

congrats on the new member of your family! Les mentioned you were possibly interested in talking to an animal trainer? My friend runs a small business in pet care, sitting, etc.

You can find her at http://artemisanimaltraining.com/

She was trained at EATM's school in a two-year program to handle animals from small birds to camels and other large exotics and everything in between, specifically with an emphasis on behavioral training, environmental factors, and minor veterinary care. We've had good luck with her services as a pet sitter, and two friends have had her work with them and their animals in behavioral training, both dogs.

Good luck and have lots of fun. They're very rewarding companions!

Thanks! He seems to be settling in, but it's good to have someone who knows what she's doing to call if we need her.

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