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My weekend in pictures

Saturday: Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose

A rather cool collection of roses of all sorts, ranging from the very tiny and low-growing:
Itsy tiny pink roses
to the significantly less tiny and not low-growing at all:
A climbing rose run up a single pole and brutally trimmed so it looks like a tree
(That is brooksmoses, arguing with me about where to stand so as to avoid the bee, the other rosebush growing under this one, and being in the wrong focal plane relative to the tall rose.)

There were roses in all sorts of exciting colors.
Yellow (with much darker orange buds):
Lovely yellow roses
Very pale lavender roses
And of course the stripy ones, which are the best kind:
Cool pink and white stripes

There was also wildlife! Bees, of course, who were very into certain plants and completely ignored others for no human-detectable reason, various little birds flitting about in the undergrowth, an unexpected rabbit, who I could not get a picture of because he was very carefully keeping as much brush as possible between himself and the scary, scary humans, and this little guy:
Small green hummingbird
He sat on top of that rose most of the time we were there, singing his little heart out. Eventually, another hummingbird just like him came along, dive-bombed him a couple times, and chased him off into the trees. One or the other of them came back and set up shop in the same spot just afterward, but I don't know which one it was.

Sunday: Pescadero State Beach

Since the parking area is where the road dead-ends, they want to be very sure you notice that part about "dead":
Top sign: End. Bottom sign: skull and crossbones.

This is a cool place with lots of neat rocks, both big and small. Local wildlife includes seagulls, mussels, crabs, limpets, barnacles, sea anemones, and this starfish:
Starfish splayed out on a rock

Here is me, providing some scale for those waves in the background:
I just look awesome
About a minute and a half after this picture was taken, andres_s_p_b spotted a cool green sea anemone in a pool in those darker rocks behind me. While we were looking at it, a wave taller than the both of us snuck up behind us. Note the visible soaking as Andres provides scale for this driftwood structure we found on the beach:
Shelter-like object constructed of driftwood and seaweed

Before we hit the beach, we got lunch (fresh-baked garlic-herb bread, a little wad of goat cheese, some strawberries, cole slaw, and a basket of deep-fried artichoke hearts) and poked around in the little stores nearby. I hereby recommend the Old Rock Guy for anyone who needs rocks, bookends, or decorative objects of any sort. If I weren't unemployed I would have a pair of raw copper bookends right now. Wow, those were cool.
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