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Does Not Answer Own Question

Okay, Amazon, I give. Why is this recommended for me?

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They see your secret geeky heart?

Through an eggbeater?

(The eggbeater is a much more accurate reflection of my particular geekiness -- I find computer hardware perplexing in unentertaining ways and prefer to avoid dealing with it when possible.)

Because you ordered a Kuhn Rikon rotary egg beater. Duh.

The real reason? Either there's a data entry error somewhere in their database, or there are only a few other people who've ordered that exact egg beater, and several of them also got the USB switch kit.

Yep, what ^^^^ said.

we did simple data mining in my last class, and that's exactly how it ends up happening. if their support percentage is set to be very tolerant and their confidence level is only middling at minimum, you'll get stuff like that showing up. Makes for some really amusing combinations, sometimes.

Wow. This ranks right up there with Netflix's idea that I'd like Cube, because I liked Men with Brooms. In your case, both items turn one thing into a slightly different thing - 2 ports with 2 cables, 2 beaters.

Men with Brooms! Right! My mom just recommended that, I should go put it on the list.

Also, you're Canadian, as is Cube.

Why is this recommended for me?


You need eggbeaters to build a Dalek.

I had a look at an electric drill a friend had bought -- once -- and ever since then, all Amazon has wanted to talk to me about is drills.

all Amazon has wanted to talk to me about is drills

I am hearing this in a sort of Marvin the Paranoid Android voice. "Drills. Don't talk to me about drills."

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