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1. The water in the fountain was frozen solid this morning and yesterday morning (it melted in between). It's been cold out there! Interestingly, puddles I biked past yesterday morning were not frozen at all. Earth is a good heat reservoir.

2. The CSA has spoiled me. Now that it is in winter interregnum, I am bereft and hungry. What? I have to buy food? And plan?

3. I took my bike to the shop this morning. The funny grinding vibration when setting out from a stop was caused by a broken axle. Yikes! All better now. (I love the Off Ramp. In addition to fixing the problem, they also corrected the tension on the wheel that keeps going funny and nicely lubricated the chain. And gave me a little lecture about chain lubrication that sounded remarkably like the lecture you get from the dentist about flossing. And charged very little.)

4. There is this sidewalk on my way from work to the train station that has bits of glass or something in it. When it is dark, it is SPARKLY. I cannot look away from it while I am walking over it. This is unfortunate, because it also has lights embedded in it, and they are bright and hurt my eyes. But SPARKLY.

5. If I had an internet-enabled device on the train, I would make a lot more posts like #4 there, about billboards and birds and dogs and people asking for directions and other things I see on the way. Also random thoughts, because I have a lot of those while I'm walking but I don't usually remember them long enough to bring up later.
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