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Native Plants

Anybody want to come restore some native habitat with me? I did a round of invasive-plant-pulling with Save the Bay a little while back, and it was fun but would have been more fun with someone to chat with. If that sounds like fun to you, let me know when and I will sign us up.

I am considering the following dates:

Save the Bay at San Francisquito Creek (Baylands in Palo Alto) -- morning; should mostly involve planting this time of year
January 9
January 16
February 13
February 27

High Ground Organics at their farm in Watsonville, about half of which is a conservation easement near a wetland -- morning & early afternoon (potluck lunch); I'm not sure what stage of restoration they're in
December 12
January 9
February 13

I'm not driving to Watsonville unless somebody wants to come with me, but I am curious to see one of the farms that provide the veggies for our Community Supported Agriculture box.
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