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Native Plants
Anybody want to come restore some native habitat with me? I did a round of invasive-plant-pulling with Save the Bay a little while back, and it was fun but would have been more fun with someone to chat with. If that sounds like fun to you, let me know when and I will sign us up.

I am considering the following dates:

Save the Bay at San Francisquito Creek (Baylands in Palo Alto) -- morning; should mostly involve planting this time of year
January 9
January 16
February 13
February 27

High Ground Organics at their farm in Watsonville, about half of which is a conservation easement near a wetland -- morning & early afternoon (potluck lunch); I'm not sure what stage of restoration they're in
December 12
January 9
February 13

I'm not driving to Watsonville unless somebody wants to come with me, but I am curious to see one of the farms that provide the veggies for our Community Supported Agriculture box.

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i'm interested but just can't plan that far in advance...

How far in advance can you plan? If I'm going to the December High Grounds date, I'd want to get that nailed down pretty soon, but January is not urgent yet. (The Save the Bay dates tend to fill up pretty far in advance, but I bet January's less popular than warmer months.)

I've kinda been meaning to get into the save the bay project for a while, though I'm a little more into the weeding than the planting (yay destruction!) I can do either.

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Save the Bay has a lot of Wednesday dates. I can't go to those because I'm working, but they're pretty regular.

Hmm. At this point, I have enough sense of schedule to say that the Feb. 27th date would most likely work for me, and this sounds like fun, if it's not too late to sign up.

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