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A Footnote
Also, Calypso has a brain tumor.

(Or something. There are a few possibilities, so we're treating for the easily-treatable ones, but those are not by a long stretch the likeliest.)

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It's just a little... yeah, nice timing, world.

Oh ouch. I'm sorry. :(

Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be much ouch involved. She's just... confused. And astoundingly clumsy.

Ah good... then "ouch" only for the reminder of mortality. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be suffering, only befuddled.

(Deleted comment)
Neurological symptoms are weird.

oof. I'm sorry to hear that.

...Oh, wow. That's ....geez, I'm so sorry. :( If you need a go out and do something else evening, let me know.


I have a bunch of social stuff I should be organizing (like the housewarming) so you will hear from me soon!

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