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Trick-or-Treater Count
We actually got somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-40 Trick-or-Treaters. The doorbell rang perhaps 8 or 10 times, but most of those were small hordes of variously costumed children. The only solo Trick-or-Treater was the one who was clearly too old for this and didn't really have a costume, although there were two pairs (counting the family that had one walking child and an extra bag for the nine-month-old at home as a pair).

Nobody likes Whoppers.

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Yes, Whoppers are yummy.


Arrange dinner or something and I will bring you some.

Want some? We've got like 50 little packets.

If you ask me, they are malted milk candy covered with milk chocolate.

If you ask timprov, they are chocolate candy with a pure crunchy evil center.

They sound like Maltesers, which are decidedly yummy. I've never come across anyone who thought Maltesers were yucky, boring perhaps, but not yucky.

The ingredients list includes "Resinous Glaze". Mmm, mmm!

Indeed, there's a RDA of Resinous Glaze that one needs in one's diet. It's for maintaining a glossy coat.

I may have confused it with something else. Possibly.

Want some? When are you free for notional-lunch-or-coffee?

I looooooove Whoppers. :)

At this point I would offer you some, except I doubt the cost of mailing them is worth it. So I will just note that if you were closer you could totally have some.

Wasn't really counting, but I think we got roughly 100 kiddos. Mainly little ones (6-ish and under). Probably the oldest were 12-ish.

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