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Now it is Re-establishing Normal Habits Time

Today I came this-home from work for the first time. I like it.

We have the kitchen entirely put away (we think -- there's a green mug missing, so either one of them broke and nobody remembers it or there's another box with at least some kitchen things in it still lurking), the office in usable shape (though we still need to work out where to put the printers, and one of them and some other fairly important office things are definitely in a lurking box), the bedroom assembled, the big rat cage put back together, and all the furniture in what appears to be the right spots. Today Cathy and I put together the new shelves to go in two of the closets and I replaced the rubber feet on the dining chairs with little felt stickies, because the feet made a horrible noise on the floor. Now Andres and Cathy are going around anchoring shelves to the walls; once they've finished with that we can start putting things back on them, and the boxes will quickly fall.

We still need to figure out good spots for bags and shoes, finish unpacking, and bring some semblance of order to the garage, but it's quite livable. House!
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