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The Story of the Suitcase or We Appear to Lead Charmed Lives
In Hawaii, we bought this artwork that turned out to be just a tiny bit too big to fit in our large suitcase -- it was the same length, and the same width, but the suitcase has rounded corners and the art does not. So we bought a slightly bigger suitcase at Sears to take it home in.

At the airport, we found that the handle on the suitcase wouldn't extend, which made it a pain to haul around. When we got home and unpacked, we discovered that one of the tubes that the handle extends into had a dent in it, so the handle couldn't fit past that point. We had the receipt and the suitcase had a 10-year warranty, so Cathy took it to the local Sears to see what they could do for us.

They didn't have the same model of suitcase, so they couldn't replace it. They gave us our money back instead. Great! We didn't really want another suitcase anyway. In fact, because the tax rates in California and Hawaii are different, their system actually resulted in our getting back more money than we had spent. We wound up renting a suitcase for just the time we needed it for -5 dollars. Whoo!

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We wound up renting a suitcase for just the time we needed it for -5 dollars.

That is just very cool indeed.

What a very complicated icon that is! But I worked it out eventually. Thanks! :)

Edited at 2009-10-16 10:33 pm (UTC)

I started googling 'rat' and got a bit carried away...

That is made of awesome with extra awesome sauce!

Some Sears accountant one day is going to be staring at these numbers and is going to get very confused.

That is pretty awesome! :)

Very impressive! If you put it in a story, I don't know if anyone would believe it.

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