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House Full of Boxes

So the housebuying thing is going well. We've done the walkthrough and signed everything and sent all the money to escrow. Monday the bank should "fund", and then Tuesday we actually take ownership.

Cathy has made great inroads into packing the board games, revealing that we do not, in fact, have nearly enough boxes. (I knew we needed more small boxes, for the comic books, but it turns out we need more large boxes, too.)

We have the plans for the house, and have used them to figure out where the major furniture should go. Shelves are being a bit of a problem -- between the kitchen peninsula, the French doors, the fireplace, and the windows, there's actually very little wall space in the living room, so that extra bedroom may be turning into something of a library after all. (I suspect the correct thing to do may be to get wall-mounted shelves and put them rather high up, behind the seating. Also, boy do our desk shapes not work well with that study -- we've figured out positions that should be okay, but a properly designed/selected set of desks and storage that really worked with the shape of the room would let us fit a lot more in there and free up space in some other areas.)
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