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Busy Weekend
Today I did some volunteer habitat restoration with Save the Bay. I can now identify three plants that grow in the Baylands and which two of those shouldn't be there! (Horehound and pepperweed are invasive. Marsh coyotebrush looks rather like pepperweed but is native.) Also I won a bumper sticker for knowing what "herbaceous" meant.

Tomorrow chinders and I are going to go investigate the Folsom Street Fair.

Then Monday we leave for VACATION!!!!!!! I have three goals for this vacation:
* snorkel
* look at a volcano from real close
* drink an impractical beverage from a coconut

As we are going to Hawaii, I should be all set.

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have fun at folsom. I've gone a couple of times and it was cool, but a lot of people.

and i believe you have great goal setting priorities for hawaii. have fun. :)

I did! I had lots of fun!

And now I am home! Which is also very exciting! And means any day now I will calm down enough to stop putting exclamation points on everything. (I can only take so much non-routine fun....)

Have fun at folsom! I will be there too -- maybe we will run into each other!

*sings* "Two of these plants are not like the other..."

Now I wonder if I know what "herbaceous" means--I'd never thought about it before. I'll go look it up and see if what I think it means is right.

Ohh, that sounds like fun. I love weeding. I should totally do that sometime.

I think it would be more fun with a small group -- most folks had come in bunches (some girl scouts, a company group, and a lot of parents-with-preteens), which seemed to make for nice natural division into work-groups and somebody to chat with. It was less actual work than I was expecting, but there were a lot of people so we did get a fair bit done.

Good thing you're not going to Norway. Have a fun trip!

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