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After I got home from the grocery this afternoon, I chopped up a Roma tomato (minus the squishy bits) and half a cucumber (minus the peel and the squishy bits), mixed them with a bit of olive oil, some lemon juice, cumin, salt, and freshly ground pepper, and had a tasty snack.

Then I discovered some leftover chocolate fondue, returned it to its proper liquid state, and am now having that with strawberries and a nice tall glass of apple cider. Mmmmm.

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I'll have to try that one. My favorite tomato/cucumber is: cut up into small pieces (including the squishy bits, i like the squishy bits) with fresh basil and a splash of red wine vinegar.

That does sound good. (Must remember: find nursery! buy herbs!)

It is convenient that I'm not a squishy bit fan, because the rats really, really like the squishy bits. We share quite nicely.

This post was much tastier than the last one. And eating squishy bits beats the heck out of boiling your feet.

Wow. I'm not a huge tomato fan. In fact, the snacks that have stolen my soul recenty are rice cakes. OMFG they are amazing. The caramel corn ones and the "Cracker Jack" flavored ones are made of solid crack. As are the cinnamon toast ones. *droool*

Those and Sun Chips.

Yeah, I'm a big bread fan.

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