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The way this works is, you say "Icons!" and I pick out a couple of yours and then you talk about them a bit.

Here, the_siobhan and I will demonstrate.

This is actually camera-flash from taking a picture in the mirror, as described here.

I usually use it for posts about creating things.

This one's me in the bath, taken by one or the other of my parents. Oddly, the original picture (at least the scan they sent me) is about the same aspect ratio as the icon. I'm not sure if they cropped it or if it was originally a Polaroid or something.

I often use it for comments where I'm giving someone sympathy, because the hand full of bubbles looks sort of giving to me. I also sometimes use it as my "innocent face", or when I'm just talking about babies.

Here we have a female red river hog from the San Diego Zoo. I took this picture the month before I started this LiveJournal, because I got the LJ account on suggestion of folks I'd met at the San Diego alt.polycon (hi, folks!).

I put this on posts in which I am particularly weird. It also turns up on comments about bacon. I used to use it for grumpy things, but now I mostly use the next icon for that.

Description here.

In practice it signifies sardonicism more than suspiciousness.

This is one of the things I made for the first round of Tiny Art; its finishing is described here. I'm terribly pleased with it.

I use this one when talking about things I've created, too. It's been going on a lot of the posts about the Nobilis game I'm running.

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Icons! (But if I were you, I'd choose from my DW ones, as I'm a paid member there, but not here: http://serene.dreamwidth.org/icons

1) When we found out I was going to be getting radioactive iodine as a cancer treatment, James said, "Do you at least get some superpowers? I mean, you should at least get the proportional size and strength of the Morton salt girl!" :-)

2) That's the one I use for feminism stuff. It's from the webcomic Sinfest.

3) I don't know where I got that one, but it cracks me up.

4) We had a three-year-old friend once who really loved Shrimp, but couldn't say the word. She called me "Meen" instead of Serene, too. One day, we were eating piles of shrimp, and she kept going "MMmmmmm, MIMP!" and offering everyone some to share with her. Her dad declined, and she said, "But dad, you WUV Mimp!" Nowadays, James will say to me, if I say no thanks to something like popcorn or something, "But Meen, you WUV popcorn!" Anyway, this icon is what I use when I am talking about how great something is, how much I love it.

5) The Sweet Potato Queens say if someone is past 30 years old and doesn't have a tiara and majorette boots, she's got no one to blame but herself. For the life of me, I can't remember where I got that tiara, but I love it.

Hee. 4 is an awfully cute story.

1. When I first got into archery, my friend glasshopper made me this icon. He's a talented ascii artist and this is still one of my most-used icons.

2. The lovely Athena, goddess of war and civilisation. A reminder to THINK, already.

3. A crop from the film _The Day Watch_, sequel to _The Night Watch_, which is more-or-less a vampire film set in modern-day Moscow. I fell in love with _The Night Watch_ and now own the book it's adapted from and two of the three sequels (still got to pick up a copy of _The Final Watch_). That particular icon shows a character writing the word NYET (NO!), and it's basically my DO NOT WANT icon.

4. Oh! I forget the context for this one. Agent Weasel noticed that hammerhead sharks always look sad, and said "Don't cry, emo shark." bunyip made this icon for her. Used for emo posts (of which I tend to make very few).

5. From an old WWII poster. Used for posts about growing vegetables.

6. deyo wants a titanium battle spork. He's made a prototype from another metal (forget what), and it turns out that titanium is both expensive and a pain in the arse to weld. But anyway. xenogram was taken with the idea of titanium battle sporks, and made this icon based on a picture from the Bayeux Tapestry. Used mostly when I'm irritated but still able to keep a sense of humour about it.

Boy, you've got a lot of icons. Let's hear about:


It's because I'm a permanent member, they give us more icons than any healthy human could ever find a use for. I just make one out of whatever strikes my fancy. Like this little dude:

I just liked the looks of it. I use it for nautical themes or just whenever.

This is the head of a cemetery angel from a picture I took in California. I like cemeteries very much and angels are one of my favorite things about them. I believe I may have found this particular one while searching for Emperor Norton (whom I eventually found).

This is a sixteenth-century woodblock print by a guy named Claude Paradin, called "In Hunc Intuens," which is Latin for "Look at This." "This" is a reminder of your mortality, of course, though as a commenter in my journal once pointed out, if the hand of God appeared waving a skeleton at you, the remark "Look at this" would seem superfluous.

I wrote a whole journal entry about this one.

I just thought this one was funny. I got it from the propaganda page of Ban Comic Sans, a group whose work I wholly endorse.

Look how happy that kidney is! This is a good one for talking about the body, especially the ways it can go wrong. Also good for posts about cats, whose kidneys tend to be the first part of them to fail.

1) Crop of a photomanipulation I did (the complete piece owes a lot to Warhol's portraits). I use this for angry/pissed off posts.

2) Another photomanipulation; used for when I'm being obscure or grumpy.

3) A photo I took at the SF Free Folk Festival in 2003. I know several of the musicians, and I was an official unofficial photographer at the festival for a few years. I use this one for live music.

4) A nice flower pic that I took at the home of 7patches' step-cousin's place in southern California. I often use it for replies to bad news where I'm trying to convey sympathy or condolences.

5) An graphic of a set of weights that I use for my "fitness & exercise" filter.

6) Icon sixed version of a piece of a digital painting call "Observer"; I use it for the times when I'm just noodling on things I've noticed.

I'd love to say Icons, but what I'm really here for is to spam your journal with the same comment I've already left in several other people's. And that's to tell you that I will be randomly in your part of the world from Tues 8th - Fri 11th September. The main reasons I'm going to be there are a) to see kshandra and b) to make my return flight direct. (It was very little money to add a SEA-SFO segment to my journey and it sure beats most of the other routes I was offered). But obviously I want to meet up with anyone else that I can while I'm out there! I'm not sure when there's going to be another alt.polycon anytime soon, nor whether I'll be able to get to it when there is one again, so meeting up with people on this trip would be good. Obviously if you already have plans, don't worry too much.

I know nothing about Bay Area geography and do not drive (and wouldn't in a foreign country even if I did), so I'll be dependent on public transport and lifts from people. Also owing to lack of geographical knowledge I have no idea whether a particular trip is sensible or not, though it seems that having come this far I might as well go out of my way to see people if there's a train that I can be on :)

Please comment in my journal to keep everything in the same place!

Am I too late to say "Icons!"? (I had this open in a tab forever to come back to later.)

Nothing is too late as long as I have comment notification e-mails turned on!

Let's hear about:


1. This is a pair of ghillies, the shoes usually worn for Scottish country dance. (Also some Irish dance, but I don't know much about that.) I do Scottish dance, though not so often these days, and this is the icon I use most for talking about that.

2. This is the cover of one of the textbooks I had for Latin. I majored in Latin (double major, that and Religious Studies) and wanted an icon for it. Pliny the Elder was a naturalist, Pliny the Younger wrote letters. (OK, he did a lot of other stuff too, but I know him best for the letters because of the textbook.) A couple of the letters in there are interesting, by the way: he wrote about the eruption of Pompeii, and when he was governor of a Roman-occupied area he wrote to the emperor Trajan for advice on how to handle the people there who were accused of being Christians.

3. cadhla did a bunch of these LJHS icons a while back, on the theory that LJ drama is like high school drama. I don't use this one much, but I think it's fun.

4. I wanted an icon for talking about cleaning (because I don't do it much and feel very virtuous when I do!). So I did a Google image search on the word "clean" and this came up. I have no idea what the original context was.

5. The ruins of the Tholos at Epidauros. Epidauros was a major cult center for Asklepios, the Greek god of health and healing. Nobody knows what this building was for! It's very mysterious, with its ringed basement (which you can see the structure of in the picture). There are lots of theories, but none has gained a majority of scholarly opinion (at least, not as of the last time I was paying attention). I did a fair amount of research on Asklepios during my undergrad--when I took a class trip to Greece I gave two speeches on his cult sites*, and then did my senior project comparing early Greek myth about Christ with Asklepios' myths of a similar period.

One of my other icons is an artist's reconstruction of the same building. To some people it looks like a cake at first glance, so I sometimes use that one when wishing people happy birthday. :-)

*While standing at the actual sites, which was amazing! The museum guards were on strike part of the time we were in Athens, and they didn't all come off strike at the same time, so we weren't able to go into the Asklepieion (temple of Asklepios) at Athens, but we were able to stand at the edge of the Parthenon and look down at it, so we all stood up there and I pointed out various things while I did my talk. At Epidauros we went into the grounds and tromped all around while I did my talk there. Very cool!

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