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(one step closer to) HOUSE!
We are in contract.


There was quite a bit of excitement this afternoon when, about an hour before our agent presented our offer, she discovered that there was another offer. So we increased our offer at the last minute -- I suspect that we are paying more than we could have gotten away with, but it is a nice house.

I kind of wonder about these offers -- there was apparently one just before we saw the place, which the sellers had counteroffered, and then those offerers didn't follow up, and this concentration of offers seems peculiar to me given that it's been on the market since May.

We are gonna be busy for some time here.

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Wow! Things are happening so fast!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Wow! Things are happening so fast!

DUDE NO KIDDING. I am hoping for a breather in here somewhere soon so I can stop feeling stunned.

EeeeeeeeEEEEEE! *bouncebounce*

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Wow, congratulations!

Ooh! Congratulations and good luck on continuing buying the house!

Thank you! I think we have gotten past the biggest luck-needing bit, but there are certainly still things that could go wrong.

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Yay chatting. I am free -- hm, pretty much the rest of the week, pending not-yet-scheduled meetings with tax adviser and inspectors and stuff, some of which I suppose might occur soon.

That's wonderful news! :D When will you know for sure?

Well, closing is scheduled for late in October. There are a few things that could go wrong soon (our inspection turns up something horrible, a freak storm knocks the house down), and a few things that could go wrong near closing (the bank decides it doesn't want to loan us money after all, we have some kind of enormous unforeseen expense that eats into the down payment). None of these things are at all likely, but they're possible.

Personally I won't really be sure until all the paperwork is signed, the keys are in my hand, and I'm jumping up and down in the living room going "House!"

All paperwork signed is a really big step. After that, if a freak storm knocks it down it's your insurance paperwork. :-)

Congratulations! Keys in hand and walking in is an unforgettable moment. Want help moving? :-)

Want help moving?

Absolutely. We may hire professional help -- we have more stuff than the last time we moved, what with the Cathy and all -- but even if we do that I am sure there will be plenty of other little tasks to take care of.

Count me in. (Presuming appropriate schedule happiness.) Yay house!

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